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About Pokitter

In 1895, the first black-and-white film was born.
In 1925, Baird created the world's first TV in Britain, with a resolution of 30 lines and a repetition rate of 5 frames per second.
In 1927, the world of visually impaired people was enriched, with the introduction of sound films.
In 1935, motion picture had colors for the first time.
In 1954, RCA Company of the United States launched the world's first color TV set.
In 2000, the first LCD projector was born.
In 2022, pokitter launched the world's 1st Netflix-certified projectors.

Pokitter is committed to empowering people worldwide by thoughtfully designed products.

Our mission is to create a growing ecosystem of smart entertainment devices that provide fun as well as inspiration.

Our vision is to inspire and entertain people of all ages with Modern Lifestyle Solutions. Developed closely with our users and industry experts, our products are designed to better your life in all aspects. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Nanjing Baige Contest Flow Network Technology Co., Ltd.
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